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Allan F. Randall: essays

Objective and Subjective Solomonoff Probabilities in Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Probability as an Application of Data Compression Principles

A rationalist algorithmic reconstruction of quantum mechanics

An Algorithmic Interpretation of Quantum Probability (Ph.D. dissertation)

Quantum Miracles and Immortality

Limit Recursion and Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

Modality in Computational Metaphysics

Quantum Phenomenology

Computational Platonism

On Nature by Parmenides of Elea

"Parmenides", Chapter 15, Meet the Philosophers of Ancient Greece (2005)

Parmenides' Principle 

The Rejection of Abstract Ideas in the Metaphysics of George Berkeley

Truth, Coherence and Correspondence in the Metaphysics of F.H. Bradley

Quantum Superposition, Necessity and the Identity of Indiscernibles

A Critique of the Kantian View of Geometry

In Defence of Transcendental Idealism: a reconstruction of Kant's transcendental deduction of the categories (B Edition)

The Inconsistency of Substance in the Metaphysics of John Locke

Logic, Idealism and Materialism in Early and Late Wittgenstein

Layered Protocols in Coalescent Argumentation

Salmon's Argument for the Inductive Nature of Falsification and Corroboration in Popper

O'Hear's Criticism of Popper's Corroboration as Veiled Induction

Putting Grammar in its Place with Scaffolding Theory

The ethical grounding of liberalism: goal and method neutralities